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World space week

Radio telescope

This week (4 to 10 October 2019) is World Space Week and here at the Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC), we are talking about space data.


Interview: public sector data re-imagined

Deb Anton - Interim National Data Commissioner
Deborah Anton

The Interim National Data Commissioner was interviewed by Reuters Plus Fauziah Ibrahim on the plan for streamlining data sharing and management in the Australian public sector.

Watch the interview or read the transcript here.

The importance of public sector data
Public sector data can help inform policy and programs, government services and research for the benefit of all Australians.
Privacy and security
Agencies are required to have strong safeguards in place to protect data – such as privacy and secrecy legislation, secure buildings and IT systems, and strict requirements on employees who have access to data.
New Data Sharing and Release Legislation
The new Data Sharing and Release legislation will help maximise the value of our public sector data, supporting our modern data-based society, driving innovation, and stimulating economic growth.
Our role
The new legislative framework is being developed to help overcome barriers which prevent efficient use of public sector data, while maintaining strong security and privacy protections.
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Tools & Resources
Data Sharing Principles
Our approach to public sector data sharing will adopt five Data Sharing Principles which provide for strategic, privacy, security, ethical, and operational risks to be considered as part of a holistic assessment.
Discussion Paper
A Discussion Paper on Data Sharing and Release legislative reforms was open for public submission between 3 September to 15 October 2019.
Privacy Impact Assessment
A Privacy Impact Assessment on Data Sharing and Release legislative reforms was open for public submission between 3 September to 15 October 2019.
The Australian Government's response to the Productivity Commission Data Availability and Use Inquiry
The Government received a substantial package of proposed reforms and recommendations from the Productivity Commission in its final report into Data Availability and Use.
2018 Issues Paper
The 2018 Issues Paper outlines an approach to a new Data Sharing and Release Bill which aims to balance sharing data held by government with appropriate risk management.
How we use data
Sharing data for the right reasons can benefit all Australians
Public sector data supports innovation and contributes to Australia’s economic growth and social wellbeing. Sharing public sector data can also help to create a fairer and safer society for everyone.
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