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The DATA Scheme is now open for business

The Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 establishes a new, best practice scheme for sharing Australian Government data, underpinned by strong safeguards and consistent, efficient processes - the DATA Scheme.

Commonwealth, state and territory government bodies and
Australian universities can now apply to be accredited as
data users and data service providers.

Sharing data safely for public benefit

Enabling better government services

Enabling better government services

By increasing the availability and use of Australian government data to inform better government services, policies and programs as well as research and innovation.
Keeping data safe

Keeping data safe

Through education and regulation of data sharing and by supporting best practice with guidance, tools and consistent processes.
Building trust and transparency

Building trust and transparency

By reporting annually on data sharing and through public registers of accredited participants and data sharing agreements.


A digital platform for Scheme participants and others to manage data requests and support administration of the DATA Scheme.

Data Discovery

Supporting agencies to develop data inventories and build an Australian Government Data Catalogue to help users find data.