Our Regulatory Approach and Priorities

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Our Regulatory Approach and Priorities

Our regulatory approach and priorities

The National Data Commissioner is the regulator for the DATA Scheme.

The Commissioner regulates and enforces the DATA Scheme through their regulatory functions.

The Commissioner’s regulatory functions include accrediting scheme participants, handling complaints from Scheme participants and others, assessing and investigating a Scheme participant, and taking enforcement action such as issuing infringement notices and directions, and seeking injunctions as well as civil and criminal penalties.

The Commissioner’s regulatory activities are informed by their Regulatory Approach and guided by the Annual Regulation and Compliance Annual Priorities.


Our regulatory approach will be guided by the principles of proportionality, transparency, accountability, fairness and timeliness.

A range of activities are available to the Commissioner to promote compliance with the DATA Scheme.

We will promote compliance with the DATA Scheme through education, guidance and advice. We will take regulatory and enforcement actions where required and to address non-compliance when necessary. This approach ensures that our regulatory activities are directed in the most effective manner, guided by our regulation and compliance principles.

Download the Regulatory Approach document below to read more.

Regulatory Approach
666126 KB

Annual Priorities

The Annual Regulation and Compliance Priorities identify areas of regulatory focus to support operation of the DATA Scheme. In 2022-23 we will focus on:

  1. Accreditation of data users and service providers
  2. Supporting safe data sharing
  3. Handling complaints
  4. Minimising the risk of data breaches

Download the Annual Priorities document below to read more.

Regulation and Compliance Priorities 2022-23
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