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Make a complaint

Make a complaint

We value your experience of the DATA Scheme and are keen to hear any complaints you may have to help us improve the operation of the DATA Scheme. To make a complaint, please use the form below or email

Information to include when making a complaint

The following information will allow us to better handle your complaint, although they are not required for you to make a complaint with us: 

  • what your complaint is about (including any relevant evidence, if available) 
  • your name and contact details (including your organisation, if relevant)  
  • when the issue occurred (or started occurring)  
  • who you are complaining about 
  • any previous attempts to resolve the complaint 
  • any action already taken in relation to the complaint, including any outcomes reached  
  • any actions or outcomes you would like to see as a result of your complaint 
  • whether the complaint is time critical. 

If you have any support needs or questions in relation to making a complaint, please let us know via email at

By submitting this form, you agree for us to collect and use the information you have provided for the purposes of handling your submission. Read our privacy collection notice for more information.

More information

One of the National Data Commissioner’s functions is to handle complaints about the DATA Scheme, including the conduct of participants in the DATA Scheme, and the administration and operation of the DATA Scheme.

You can find more information about the Commissioner’s approach to handling complaints here.

We aim to be in touch with you within 3 business days after receiving your complaint.

The next steps to handling your complaint may include making preliminary inquiries; pursuing a conciliation process; or conducting an investigation. At the conclusion of your complaint, we will advise you of the relevant review rights. 

If your complaint is about a DATA Scheme entity, we strongly encourage you to attempt to resolve the issue with the relevant entity directly, before making a complaint to the Commissioner. If you have already done this, the Commissioner may ask you for any relevant records to handle your complaint.

If circumstances prevent you from raising the matter with the entity first, you may still make a complaint directly to the Commissioner. The Commissioner may ask the reason that you did not seek to rectify the issue directly with the entity before raising the complaint with them. 

Where a complaint is about how personal information has been handled in the DATA Scheme, the Commissioner will work with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (the OAIC) to protect personal information under the DATA Scheme. With your permission your complaint may be transferred to the OAIC.

Where a complaint is about personal information or privacy matters not relating to the DATA Scheme, please make a complaint with the OAIC here. If you make a complaint to us about privacy matters not relating to the DATA Scheme, we will look to re-direct you to the OAIC.

When making a complaint you are encouraged to provide as much information as possible for us to effectively handle your complaint and have the best chance at reaching your desired outcome. This includes personal information that can identify you. That said, you are able to make an anonymous complaint.

ONDC will handle all complaints confidentially. This means the information you have provided will only be disclosed to those necessary to resolve the complaint. If there are details you do not want the ONDC to disclose, please identify those. We may then discuss with you how this could affect the outcome of your complaint.

For further information on how we handle personal information, please see our privacy collection notice.