Information Sessions on the DATA Scheme

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Information Sessions for Scheme Participants


The ONDC runs a number of information sessions and communities of practice each month to support potential Scheme participants in implementing the DATA Scheme, and guide current Scheme participants on operating under the Scheme and their obligations.

If your team has specific communication needs, please contact us directly. We are happy to work with you to achieve your team’s DATA Scheme educational goals.

Upcoming webinars

  • Check back soon for information on our July webinars.

Previous webinars

Data Discovery Webinar

Each month, the ONDC hosts webinars for the Data Discovery program, showcasing agencies that have completed the Data Inventories Pilot Program and giving them a platform to share their learnings and expertise with others. These meetings also enable networking between agencies, bringing attention to existing initiatives and programs within the public sector, leading to opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Check back soon.

Establishing a DATA Scheme data sharing agreement

Join us for an overview and walk-through of what a data sharing agreement must contain, including advice on key privacy, ethics, and confidentiality issues, and a demonstration of how to generate a data sharing agreement template.

  • Check back soon.

Scheme entities' responsibilities and reporting obligations

Better understand the responsibilities and reporting obligations of all DATA Scheme entities under the DATA Scheme. 

  • Check back soon.

How to make data sharing requests

Join us for an overview and walk-through of the process of requesting data through the DATA Scheme using Dataplace.

  • Check back soon.

Responding to data sharing requests

Join us for an overview of data custodian’s obligations to consider and respond to data sharing requests, and how requests can be managed through Dataplace.

  • Check back soon.

How to become an Accredited Data User

For organisations seeking to become an accredited data user. 

  • Check back soon.

Introduction to the DATA Scheme

Want to learn more about the DATA Scheme? Join us for an overview of the DATA Scheme, including your obligations if you are a Commonwealth entity and how you can request data under the Scheme.

  • Check back soon.



Page last updated: 19 July 2024