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Office of the National Data Commissioner

Office of the National Data Commissioner

The Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 establishes a new, best practice scheme for sharing Australian Government data, underpinned by strong safeguards and consistent, efficient practices.

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The Office supports the National Data Commissioner who is responsible for overseeing the DATA Scheme to:

  • serve the public interest by promoting better availability of public sector data
  • enable the sharing of public sector data consistent with the Privacy Act 1988 and appropriate security safeguards
  • enhance integrity and transparency in sharing public sector data
  • build confidence in the use of public sector data, and
  • establish institutional arrangements for sharing public sector data.

The Office of the National Data Commissioner sits within the Department of Finance.

The National Data Commissioner

The National Data Commissioner is the regulator of the DATA Scheme and provides advice and guidance about its operation to the Minister, Scheme participants and others. The Commissioner's other functions are to deliver education and tools to support best practice data handling and sharing.

Gayle Milnes

Gayle Milnes commenced as the head of the Office of the National Data Commissioner in December 2021 and was appointed as the inaugural National Data Commissioner in April 2022. 

In a range of policy, statutory and regulatory roles across the Australian Public Service, Gayle has driven nationally significant reforms, strengthened enterprise data governance and management and been an avid data user across a range of sectors.

Prior to her appointment as the National Data Commissioner, Gayle led the Data, Analytics and Policy Division, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. Gayle has held other senior leadership positions in the Australian Public Service, including CEO of the Climate Change Authority, with the Department of the Environment and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Gayle began her public service career as a graduate at the Reserve Bank of Australia after studying economics at the University of Melbourne.