Data sharing

The Data Availability and Transparency Act creates a new scheme for sharing Australian Government data.


Dataplace is a new, whole of government digital platform that will make it easier to request Australian Government data, including under the DATA Scheme. 

The platform brings together those wanting to get access to Australian Government data (such as researchers and those working on public policy and delivering public services) with Commonwealth agencies who are data custodians and hold data.

Non- DATA Scheme Data sharing agreement template 

A draft Data Sharing Agreement template is available for download. Note this template is for general use and is not tied to the Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 Scheme (DATA Scheme).

Under the DATA Scheme, if your data sharing request is accepted, you will need to enter into a data sharing agreement with the data custodian.

The data custodian is the federal government agency responsible for the data.

A data sharing agreement template is available for you to use as a basis for your agreements. You can modify parts of the agreement to fit your circumstances.

This is a general template that you can also use for any data sharing agreements, not just agreements you enter into under the scheme.

If you have any feedback on this draft, get in touch using our contact form.

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