Foundational Four

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Foundational Four

Guidance for agencies to improve their data practices

14 Sep 2020

Foundational Four

The Foundational Four provides guidance for agencies on how they can start improving their data practices and address the technical and cultural challenges that can limit their ability to get the most out of their data.

Data is an essential component used to inform outcomes delivered by the Australian Public Service.

To get the most out of the data they hold, government agencies need to look after and manage their data assets in the same way they look after their people, physical property and IT systems.

This guidance sets out 4 foundational data practices that are simple and useful steps that agencies can take towards working with data more productively. It is a practical guide for agencies that are beginning their data improvement journey, and is also a useful tool to help more mature agencies reflect on their next steps.

Investing in the data skills and capabilities within the APS is key to developing data maturity and working to change the culture from one of ‘not sharing’ to one of ‘how can I share safely?’.

The Foundational Four
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