National Data Commissioner Update - November 2022

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National Data Commissioner Update - November 2022

It’s been six months since the DATA scheme opened for business, so I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on key developments.

Get accredited so you can make a request for Australian Government data

Encouragingly, we have received and are assessing a number of applications for accreditation as a data user.  We are working with an additional pool of entities who are exploring accreditation as a data user.  Once accredited as a data user, entities can make a request to an Australian Government agency for data.

If you are an Australian, state or territory government agency or an Australian University and want to make a request for Australian Government data, please get in contact with us.  We can help you make an application for accreditation as a data user so you can make a request.

Our first Annual Report is out

Tabled in Parliament earlier this month, the report outlines our performance over the period April-June 2022 as we worked to implement the Data Availability and Transparency Act, 2022. Our early focus is on:

  • establishing institutional arrangements to support safe, transparent and consistent sharing of Australian Government data,
  • educating Australian, state and territory government agencies about the Scheme and helping them get ready to participate,
  • building Dataplace and delivering the Data Discovery program,
  • establishing ONDC.

 Our regulatory approach is being released

Today, we are releasing our approach to regulating the DATA Scheme. It sets out our regulatory functions, including:

  • accrediting eligible entities,
  • handling complaints from Scheme entities and others,
  • assessing and investigating a Scheme entity,
  • taking enforcement action such as issuing infringement notices and directions, seeking injunctions, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

Our regulatory approach will be guided by the principles of proportionality, transparency, accountability, fairness and timeliness.  We will promote DATA Scheme compliance through education, guidance and advice. We will take regulatory and enforcement actions where required and address non-compliance when necessary. This approach ensures that our regulatory activities are directed in the most effective manner and guided by our regulation and compliance principles.

We are also releasing our Regulation and Compliance Priorities for this year.  With the data sharing scheme only recently commenced, we will focus on:

  • Accreditation of data users and data service providers,
  • Supporting safe data sharing,
  • Handling complaints,
  • Minimising the risk of data breaches.

Take a look to see what we will do to help you comply with the DATA Scheme and what we are expecting of Scheme participants.

Comment on recovering costs from data sharing

I invite you to comment on draft guidance for Australian Government agencies (data custodians) to recover the costs from sharing data they hold.  Comments are due by 6 December 2022.

Data and Digital Ministers Commit to a National Data Catalogue

Data and Digital Ministers met early in November and agreed a national data sharing work program. One of the priorities is to develop a National Data Catalogue making it easier to find data held by Australian, state and territory governments. ONDC is pleased to be working with state and territory governments to develop the National Data Catalogue. It will build on ONDC’s work to help Australian Government agencies develop their data inventories and build an Australian Government Data Catalogue. Read the communiqué.

As always, I welcome your feedback on our activities using the Contact Us form on our website or by emailing us at