National Data Commissioner Update - April 2023

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National Data Commissioner Update - April 2023

We continue to see interest in the DATA Scheme grow. Here’s a snapshot of our progress. 

A highlight this month has been the growth in the number of organisations onboarded to Dataplace. 

Get onboard Dataplace

Dataplace is the digital platform ONDC is building for DATA Scheme participants and others to request data from Australian Government agencies. Tomorrow, Friday 28 April, we will release the next service on Dataplace. It will enable data users and data custodians to export a report on their activities such as data requests and data sharing agreements. Organisations that share an ABN, but are independent organisations, can now onboard to Dataplace. Additional services and other enhancements, informed by user feedback, will be rolled out throughout 2023.   

I encourage you to get onboard and discover how Dataplace can benefit your organisation, by making it easier for your organisation to request Australian Government data and manage your data sharing activities. Contact us via the Dataplace website or the ONDC website to find out more. You can also join our Dataplace Community of Practice, a community-led discussion on Dataplace. The next meeting is on 10 May, where we will be discussing the onboarding process. You can register here

Looking to find out how to get the most out of the DATA Scheme and meet your responsibilities? 

Register online for an upcoming ONDC webinar that suits you and your organisation today! Here’s what’s coming up:  

  • Accreditation of Data Users for Organisations, 4 May 
  • Dataplace Community of Practice, 10 May 
  • Data Inventory Pilot Program Monthly Meeting, 10 May 
  • Getting onto Dataplace, 16 May 
  • DATA Scheme 101: Overview of the DATA Scheme, 24 May  
  • Data Sharing Requests and Agreements on Dataplace, 31 May 

Upcoming data events 

Register now for the Australian Government Data Forum: Pathways, Perspectives and Practice and the first-ever APS Data Awards Dinner – both occurring on 17 May 2023 at the REX Hotel in Canberra. Options for in-person and online attendance are both available and it’s a hot ticket, so get yours today. 

One of the purposes for which you can share Australian Government data under the DATA Scheme is for research that benefits Australians. The Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University is calling for submissions by 12 June for the 3rd Australian Workshop on Public Finance to be held on 3 and 4 August 2023. The conference will feature empirical research papers with a focus on those that make use of the Australian Government data assets such as A-LIFE, DOMINO, MADIP, BLADE or Single Touch Payroll.  

Good reads for the data community 

Finally, the OECD released their report examining emerging privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), focusing on the opportunities and challenges they present, as well as current regulatory and policy attitudes surrounding PETs. The report concluded that privacy enforcement authorities will need to consider PET usage impacts for privacy and data protection framework assessments. The report also underscored the importance of cross-border and cross-sectoral regulatory co-operation.

See you at the Australian Government Data Forum on the 17th!