National Data Commissioner Update - May 2023

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National Data Commissioner Update - May 2023

The big news this month is that we have begun to accredit the DATA Scheme’s first data users. The Commonwealth Department of the Treasury is the first cab off the rank. Now the data sharing can begin!  

Start your data journey 

Once accredited as a user, you too can make a request for data collected by Australian Government agencies. We are continuing to see good interest in getting accredited to participate in the Scheme—see our pipeline below. If you haven’t begun your accreditation process, get started today

There are now more than 40 organisations onboarded to Dataplace. Dataplace is the digital platform the Office of the National Data Commissioner is building for you to make, assess and manage (general and DATA Scheme) data requests and support regulation of the Scheme. To start onboarding to Dataplace today, go to

In the last month, ONDC has completed data inventory projects for six Australian Government agencies taking the number of agencies who we’ve helped to start their data journey to 20.  Creating a data inventory is a fantastic entry point into the DATA Scheme. To join the program, go to our website.

Looking to find out how to get the most out of the DATA Scheme and meet your responsibilities? 

Register online for an upcoming online ONDC information session that suits you and your organisation today! Here’s what’s coming up.  

On 8 June at 10am, you can join our Data Inventory Pilot Program Monthly Meeting – register here

To assist Scheme participants, we have begun holding information sessions on a single day each month. Join us on 21 June for:  

  • DATA Scheme 101: Overview of the DATA Scheme,  11am Register here
  • Accreditation of Data Users for Organisations,  2pm Register here

Good reads and viewing for the data community 

Held on 17 May, this year’s Australian Government Data Forum was a sold-out event with more than 320 APS staff and data industry professionals joining in-person and 250 online. The buzz continued into the evening with a dinner to celebrate the inaugural APS Data Awards.  

The Secretary of Finance, Jenny Wilkinson PSM, spoke about why data is particularly important to those in government – for context, delivery and effectiveness – and encouraged us to read the Australian Government’s recently released Data and Digital Government Strategy and provide feedback.    

The Australian Statistician and Head of the APS Data Profession, Dr David Gruen AO, outlined what the APS Data Profession is doing to lift data capability in the APS, from recruitment to providing training courses.  We also heard about a recent study on rents using big data and the increasing use Australian Government agencies and others are making of large public sector integrated data assets to tackle public policy problems.  

The APS Data Awards showcased the innovative use of data to make a difference to the Australian community. Projects ranged from highly-accurate satellite navigation data that is making things like landing a plane and managing emergencies, even in remote areas, easier to the detection of suspected insider trading.  Congratulations to our incredibly diverse finalists and winners. 

These are just some of the highlights from the forum and dinner.  Stay tuned - more of the material from the forum and the dinner will be made available over coming weeks. 

A huge thank you to the Institute of Public Administration Australia, the Graduate Data Network, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the ONDC team, all sponsoring Australian Government agencies, the Senator Hon Katy Gallagher, the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP, and all the presenters. 

And be sure to take a look at the Australian Government’s first National Quantum Strategy. Released on 3 May, the strategy sets a long-term vision for Australia to take advantage of the opportunities that quantum technologies present. 

Until next,