DataPoints - National Data Commissioner Update October 2023

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DataPoints - National Data Commissioner Update October 2023

Participation in the DATA Scheme continues to increase with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care getting accredited as a data user this month.

Additionally, consultations have commenced on a ministerial rule that will allow Queensland Health to operate as a data service provider, an expert intermediary who can assist data custodians to prepare and share Australian Government data with accredited users. Consultations close on 13 November 2023.

If your organisation is not yet accredited to participate in the DATA Scheme, start today by getting on Dataplace. You can use Dataplace to apply for accreditation, submit a data request and make your data sharing agreement.

ONDC Pipeline

ONDC supports Commonwealth entities to develop and improve their data inventories. An additional five Commonwealth entities completed their data inventory projects in October. Please contact us if you would like support to develop your data inventory.  You can learn more about developing a data inventory for your organisation here.

Learn how to participate in the DATA Scheme

We are hosting webinars and online meetings in November and December for you to learn more about the DATA Scheme and strengthen your organisation’s data capability. Join us on 15 November for:

10 am Data Discovery: Developing a data inventory – Register here.

12 pm DATA Scheme 101 – Register here.

2 pm Applying for accreditation as a data user – Register here.

2.30 pm Applying for accreditation as a data service provider – Register here.

And on 6 December for:

10 am DATA Scheme 101 – Register here.

11:30 am Applying for accreditation as a data user – Register here.

Good reads for the data community

The APS Data Profession is open to Commonwealth, state and territory government employees. The team has just released their three year report. You can read more here and learn more about joining the APS Data Profession to receive regular data-related updates, gain access to data events and forums, network with data colleagues and gain insight from other data professionals. If you’re looking to hire data professionals, there’s also the APS data graduate recruitment program.

The Prime Minister recently announced a partnership with Microsoft. The company will invest $5 billion in Australia to expand Australia’s hyperscale cloud computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure, establish a new Microsoft Data Centre Academy in partnership with TAFE NSW, and collaborate with the Australian Signals Directorate to harden Australia from cyber threats. Read the Prime Minister’s announcement here.

Good uses of public data

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has recently released its COVID register and linked data set. It combines COVID-19 case data with a range of other data sets, including Medicare Benefits Schedule, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Australian Immunisation Register, hospital and mortality data. Researchers can use the data set to provide new insights into the health outcomes for people who have had COVID-19 and the effect that COVID-19 has had on the health system and broader community. Learn more about this data set here.

A recent study shows how public data can be used to answer important public policy questions.  The expert researchers used data from PLIDA and the Australian Immunisation Register to examine the relationship between mortality and vaccination status. It demonstrated that in early 2022, a 65+ year old person having had three COVID-19 vaccinations – with the third dose administered within the previous three months – reduced COVID-19 mortality relative to a comparable unvaccinated person by 93 per cent. The study also demonstrated how vaccine effectiveness wanes over time.

If you’ve got feedback or something to share in future editions of DataPoints, please get in touch. We're always interested to hear your stories, particularly about how you have used data to deliver public benefit. And follow us on LinkedIn!