DataPoints - National Data Commissioner Update February 2024

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DataPoints - National Data Commissioner Update February 2024

We are seeing more requests for Australian Government data being made through Dataplace. They include data requests for a broad range of research including rental accommodation, illegal substances and volunteering. Want to make a request for Australian Government data? Start your journey by onboarding to Dataplace.

Accredited users are also making requests for data under the DATA Scheme. Once you have onboarded to Dataplace, you can begin your application to become an Accredited Data User here.

This month saw the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare become the newest addition to our growing list of Accredited Data Users.


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Dataplace continues to evolve to meet user needs

Following the release of guidance about reporting requirements for Scheme entities, Dataplace added new functionality to help accredited users and data service providers report events and changes in circumstance. To find out more about other changes we have made to Dataplace, read the full release notes here.

Upcoming beta release of the Australian Government Data Catalogue

We are building the Australian Government Data Catalogue to help users find data.

A beta release of the Catalogue is targeted for May 2024. To meet this time frame, we are seeking assistance from Australian Government agencies to help develop and test the Catalogue. We are asking agencies to assist by uploading their data inventories to the Catalogue. Data inventories comprise information about the data assets agencies hold, not the data itself. To help us develop the Catalogue or to find out more about it, please get in touch.

 Want to learn more about the DATA Scheme and build your organisation’s data capability?

We are hosting webinars and online meetings on Wednesday the 13 March. Join us for one, or all if you want to deep dive into the DATA Scheme and strengthen your organisation’s data capability:

·   Building your organisation’s data inventory – learnings from TEQSA 10am AEDTRegister for Building your organisation’s data inventory here.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) will be presenting on their experience building a data inventory, including learnings on technology solutions.

·  Introduction to the DATA Scheme – 11am AEDTRegister for DATA Scheme 101 here.

An overview of the DATA Scheme, including entities obligations and how they can request data under the DATA Scheme.

·  How to become an Accredited Data User1pm AEDTRegister for Accredited Data User here.

For organisations seeking to become an accredited data user.

Good reads for the data community

Data and Digital Ministers met on 23 February 2024 focusing on a national approach to Digital ID, digital inclusion and data sharing. They agreed an initial framework for assuring artificial intelligence used by government. Read the meeting communique here.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development recently released its Digital Government Index which includes a measure of how we govern, access, share and re-use data to deliver better government policies, programs and services.  Australia placed fifth out of 38 countries. Read the report here.

In February, the Productivity Commission published three papers about AI. Research finds AI could significantly boost Australia’s productivity if governments implement well-directed policy and regulation.  Key challenges for governments will be to improve protections and public confidence in data sharing, and to establish clear and consistent arrangements for training AI models. Read the papers here.

Good uses of public data

Utilising data from the Australian Taxation Office, a recent ANU report found significant behavioural effects in the way individuals respond to marginal tax rates, with greater responsiveness by those who can shift income within their household. Read the full report here.

If you have feedback or something to share in future editions of DataPoints, please get in touch. We are always interested to hear your stories, including how you have used data to deliver public benefit. Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn here and subscribe here to receive these updates in your inbox each month.