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Fill in the form below to submit an enquiry or feedback to the Office of the National Data Commissioner. You will receive a copy of your submission to your email.

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Answers to commonly asked questions are below: 

When a submission has been lodged, the ONDC will assess it. We will reach out to you in a timely manner to provide a response or go through any next steps.

Use the Contact Us form on this page and the Office of the National Data Commissioner will be in touch about your request. 

Under the DATA Scheme, a data breach occurs where there is unauthorised access to or disclosure of data that was shared under the DATA Scheme, data is lost in circumstances that may lead to such unauthorised access or disclosure, or an event prescribed by the data code occurs.

In circumstances where a Scheme participant reasonably suspects or becomes aware that a data breach has occurred, they are responsible under the Act for:

  • taking reasonable steps to prevent or reduce any risks resulting from a data breach as soon as practicable; and
  • if the data breach involves scheme data that is personal information, giving the Commissioner a copy of its statement to the Australian Information Commissioner about an eligible data breach under section 26WK of the Privacy Act 1988; or
  • if the data breach involves scheme data that is not personal information, notifying the Commissioner as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year.

In addition to these requirements, entities are encouraged to inform the ONDC as soon as possible if a data breach occurs, so that we can provide any necessary assistance in managing the risks of the breach.

You can notify the ONDC of a suspected data breach here at our Contact Us form.

The ONDC has developed guidance notes to assist Scheme participants on a variety of topics when sharing data under the Scheme. More guidance notes will be released over the coming months. Read the guidance notes here.

The ONDC holds regular information sessions on a variety of topics about participating under the DATA Scheme. Register your attendance here.

If you have further questions about implementing the DATA Scheme, get in touch using our Contact Us form.